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Tina Thompson is a wife, mother of two married daughters, and homemaker in Orlando, Florida. Teaching women’s Bible studies, speaking at women’s conferences, and providing biblical guidance and discipleship to ladies one-on-one, Tina is dedicated to helping women discover the life-changing power of God’s Word. She is a trusted biblical counselor and certified by the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). She served as the President of the Women’s Auxiliary of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and has taught nationally and internationally. Tina also served on the founding Board of the Bluegrass Biblical Counseling Coalition. Through the wisdom gained from decades of Bible study and the experience and research that resulted from years of depression, anxiety, and panic attacks, she now makes it her mission to bring glory to God by telling the story of her release from those strongholds and to help others be set free as well.


Depression can be a prison, and no one knows better than Tina Thompson what it means to be trapped in the cage of sadness and apathy. In Released, Tina’s transformative account of overcoming years of depression, she paints a picture of what it takes to break free from anxiety and depression and live a truly fulfilling life. She delves into the roots of depression, highlighting key symptoms, including apathy and emotional trauma. She encourages all sufferers to stop fighting for control, to let God take over. Through faith in God and the application of Scripture, anyone can break the chains of depression and be truly Released.